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DIY Coloring Sheets Tutorial


Let’s explore DIY coloring sheets with Project Gutenberg, Pixlr, and Inkscape!

-Project Gutenberg contains over 50,000 ebooks, most of them out of copyright.
-Pixlr is a cloud-based image editing program.
-Inkscape is a vector imaging program.

  1. Go to Project Gutenberg, find a book, open it in HTML format and take a screenshot of the graphic you’re interested in.

coloring tutorial

  1. Crop the image using Pixlr, MS Paint, or editor of your choice, and save the image.

coloring tutorial

=====Navigate to Pixlr=====

  1. Select ‘Adjustment’ and then ‘Desaturate’

coloring tutorial

  1. Right click on the ‘Layers’ window and select ‘Duplicate Layer’, then change the ‘Mode’ to ‘Add’ and adjust the ‘Opacity’ to your liking.

coloring tutorial

  1. Right click on the ‘Layers’ window and select ‘Flatten Image’

coloring tutorial

  1. Select ‘Adjustment’ then ‘Brightness & Contrast’ to adjust the image. Select ‘Adjustment’ then ‘Levels’ to bold the darker parts of the image. When done, press ‘OK’.

coloring tutorial

  1. Select the eraser tool to erase what you don’t want and then save the image (MS Paint works great for this as well)

coloring tutorial

=====use the free program Inkscape=====

  1. Open the image in Inkscape and select ‘Path’ and then ‘Trace Bitmap’. Click the ‘OK’ box.

coloring tutorial

  1. Drag the new image out of the way and delete the original behind it.

coloring tutorial

  1. Select the lock graphic from the top of the screen and then click and drag your image to the desired size (you’ll see the width and height numbers adjust in real-time)

coloring tutorial

  1. Select ‘File’ and ‘Export’ to save your completed coloring page.


Print the zebra and color like a boss.

coloring sheet

This tutorial helped me create this post.

Book Vs Movie: The Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz book cover

75 year wizard of oz book

We’re off to see the wizard!… just read the book, watch the movie, show up and discuss both. Reserve your copy with us or read it online through Project Gutenberg. Make sure you watch the most popular version of the movie (1939 – Judy Garland) and maybe even check out: The Wizard of Oz – 75 Years Along the Yellow Brick Road.

More details on meetup.


Chalk It Up: 2015

Otterby Chalk Mural

Otterby With Hat

spicy food

Grave Digger Chalk Drawing

Had a blast at Chalk It Up! Welcome to all the new members of the library and alt+library scene. One of our designers (Seth) will be finishing the Otterby mural later today. It already looks great!

I bought that spectacular hat and let Otterby borrow it for a minute. ;)

Devoured some tasty food…I don’t remember what I got, but it had jalapenos on it, so it has my full approval. And, I give a virtual high five to whoever went rogue and drew that awesome picture of Grave Digger.


Fix Your Car

Why pay some fool a boatload of cash when you can DIY? The Sacramento Public Library subscribes to not one, but two auto repair databases. You can even access one of them from home. I like Chilton’s for looking up recalls and labor estimating. Mitchell’s is great when looking up common vehicle symptoms as well as commonly replaced components.

Truuuust me. My car is from 1997.



Make Music

Join us next Tuesday (July 7 – 6:30-7:30pm) for our first SacWave meet.

We’ll have a drum machine for you to tinker with. Tape splicing and circuit bending workshops will happen later this year — come hang out and help shape the future of SacWave!

First Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm. Sacramento Public Library.
828 I street, Sacramento.

image cc

Party Like It’s 1984


SacWave – Create Electronic Music

We’ll have a different instrument for you to try each month. From drum machines and synthesizers to effects boxes and more. Discuss your favorite hardware and software and share production tips and tricks.

No experience necessary. Join us and start making electronic music! For July we’ll have an Alesis HR16B for you to explore. We’ll also be chatting about the current issue of Computer Music magazine, available through our Zinio service (downloads included).

First Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm. Sacramento Public Library.
828 I street, Sacramento.

Jul 7, Aug 4, Sep 1, Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1

You can borrow this machine!
The HR16 was used back in the day by Orbital and Autechre. This specific unit was modified by alien-devices.com/.


Sac Pride


Sacramento Public Library was representing at Sac Pride yesterday – sharing our materials lists, handing out SPL branded treats, and just generally rocking our queer. (Please note the glitter duct tape artistry of yours truly.) And today is my third alt+fitness (fourth? who knows) since coming downtown to CEN so if you want to join me for Industrial Strength, c’mon down! Our June book is Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, a quick and creepy read.

But the question at hand – what can we do to make you want to spend your summer with Sacramento Public Library? Aside from our sweet Summer Reading Challenge (win an iPad mini!) and our intrinsic awesomeness, of course.