Chalk It Up: 2015

Otterby Chalk Mural

Otterby With Hat

spicy food

Grave Digger Chalk Drawing

Had a blast at Chalk It Up! Welcome to all the new members of the library and alt+library scene. One of our designers (Seth) will be finishing the Otterby mural later today. It already looks great!

I bought that spectacular hat and let Otterby borrow it for a minute. ;)

Devoured some tasty food…I don’t remember what I got, but it had jalapenos on it, so it has my full approval. And, I give a virtual high five to whoever went rogue and drew that awesome picture of Grave Digger.



3d printer in box

A surprise?! Yes, indeed. I can’t say much about the photo above (at least not just yet *wink*), but I will leak the fact that our lovely Arcade library will soon add the following items to our Library of Things…thanks for your votes!

● Drawing tablets (think Wacom)
● Digital projectors (think VGA/HDMI)
● Button makers (think punk rock)
● Fabric screening kits (think t-shirts)