“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” –Mark Twain


We started early on our New Year’s Resolutions here at alt+library.  Is that cheating?  Maybe, but we feel good about it.  We’ve managed to decide on books for the book club way in advance—which means you can read ahead.*

January 15thThe Color Master: Stories by Aimee Bender

February 19thEvery Day by  David Levithan

March 19thFledgling  by  Octavia Butler  

April 16thFrom Zero to Maker by David Lang

May 21stA Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit

Check www.meetup.com/altlibrary for place and time—we’re going to mix it up on a few of these.

*And I have even fewer excuses for not finishing the books (maybe I just like spoilers).


Return of the Book Club

We really wanted to write “New Year, new book club”–but we have to be honest–the return of the alt+library book club will also see the return of one of our favorite reads, The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.


Since we first read this book back when alt+library was just a young thing, we thought it was time to revisit it now that we’re all so much older and wiser.  Plus, there are about 14 copies of the book on the shelf at the library which means you can all get your mitts on a copy without too much hassle.  Want discussion questions?  Take a look here.

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