About Us

alt+library is a place to meet other readers and find new ways to be a part of the library community. The Sacramento Public Library has changed–we’re conducting book clubs in bars and coffee shops, organizing speed dating events, and hosting videogame tournaments, in addition to lending books, movies, music, and more. This is the place to find out about some of our newest events. Also, there’s much more on meetup.

avatarPngFinalBryce Lovell: Sacramento librarian since 2015 and the new creative force behind alt+library.



Jessica Zaker: Sacramento librarian and skater/coach for the Sac City Rollers as Lipstick Librarian. Her obsession with fitness, roller derby and cool library programming has led to the creation of programs like Punk Rock Aerobics and Heavy Metal Yoga.


  1. Krystal Cole-Williams

    Who do you have lead the fitness classes at your library. Is the person a certified instructor? I’m a librarian and interested in doing a similar program and am trying to figure out how exactly to go about doing it.

    • alt library

      We have a librarian leading the fitness programs and make sure to have waivers that absolve the library of any liability as well as being careful to mention that “I am not a certified trainer, this is just for fun”. While I am currently studying to be a certified trainer (just for my own enjoyment), I am a librarian who loves exercise and wants to share it. I say DO IT! If you need any suggestions for materials to get started, feel free to email jzaker@saclibrary.org. – Jess

  2. Nikki

    First of all, I think what you are doing and how differently you are marketing yourself and offering new things is AWESOME. Secondly, I was wondering if you take book suggestions? I know of a local author to your area that writes some really interesting and unique tales. Would love to give his info and a sample if you do take recommendations.

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