Television is chewing gum for the eyes. – Frank Lloyd Wright

Lora Zombie has perfectly illustrated how I feel when I am on camera.

Grab some ocular Bubble Yum – Lori and I will be on cable access today. LiveWire with Ray Tatar at 5p. To talk about our beloved alt+library and all the delightful things we get to do in and out of libraries. Then you can join us LIVE at Coffee Garden tonight! to discuss Octavia Butler’s Fledgling. And in April (which is fast approaching) we’ll have our April Fool’s Sacramento History program, Punk Rock Aerobics, Book to Art for Hyperbole and a Half – all of the fun. Remember, we are always accepting program ideas, book suggestions, and compliments. Especially compliments.



  1. Elizabeth

    Please post your interview on Live Wire. I would love to watch it!
    Here’s another program suggestion – an outdoor cooking class, solar powered, maybe, or just plain grilling

    See you tonight! I look forward to book club all month. Best thing to do on a Wednesday night!

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