Reading Resolutions–2014


Reading Resolutions

  1. Keep a reading log.  I have a hunch this will encourage better reading habits.  Putting in writing that the last three books I read were The Viscount Who Loved Me, Lady Sophia’s Lover, and The Highlander’s Touch might make me read “better” books again (these were all enjoyable books, btw).  Reading literary fiction has been shown to increase a person’s empathy–I could use some of that.
  2. Return library books on time.  Seriously.  I’m here every day and I still have fines.
  3. Read an Oprah Book Club book.  I can’t be snobby—see #2.  And it will give me something to talk to my mother-in-law about.
  4. Urr…look back at last year’s reading resolutions and get on that.  The “Red Wedding” on Game of Thrones was a great big gory surprise that could have been avoided.  Also, I don’t know anything more about Napoleon today than I did a year ago.  So, fail.

Do you have any reading resolutions you’d like to share?  Or did you do any feats of reading in 2013?  Share/brag in the comments!

Happy New Year!


  1. Elizabeth

    My reading resolution for 2014 is to read “Ulysses”. I’ve always wanted to but never have. I bought the book, giving me more time to read it than if I were to have checked it out from the library. Check with me on Dec. 31!

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