First-Last Line Challenge

Sometimes it is really tough to decide what to write about, even for fun stuff like alt+library blog posts.  So, today–a challenge!

Use this random story title generator to create a title and then write the first and/or last line of the story and post it in the comments.  For instance:

The King of the Amazing Compendium

It held everything—backyard bird counts, a graph of the relative staying power of Duracell vs. Energizer batteries used in a Maglite flashlight from 1995-2006, a complete list of National Geographic map inserts (notations for all items missing from his collection), all the sushi restaurants within in a 12 mile radius of home (the best maximum distance for a to-from bike trip for lunch to leave plenty of time for an afternoon nap), the ingredients necessary for an authentic Sazerac, the names and addresses of all his grade school teachers (he held onto grudges and fond memories longer than the average man), a brittle four leaf clover, a string of numbers that must have meant something once, a sketch of a house with broken windows—the Compendium had everything the he needed except more pages.

The house was empty except for some dusty ice trays and a card in a bathroom drawer that read J. Wilson, curator.



  1. alt library

    The Vengeance of the Steam-Powered Mad Moon

    Wait, had she seen that correctly?! Had an entire constellation just winked out of sight?

    And with his last breath, he blew the dandelion globe apart, just like the moon.

  2. Brigid

    Party in Evening Caverns

    Emmit waited a respectable two weeks after the collapse before adding his brother’s presumed final resting place to the guided tours.

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