Then I read (Henry) Miller, and I didn’t want to sleep anymore, because he’s so inspiring and alive. – Henry Rollins

festive, adj.: I like it best when we celebrate holidays of our own invention, waking up on Sunday, say, and declaring it devoted to red.

– David Levithanlovers_dictionary

I have a raging author crush on David Levithan. I just finished an advance reader’s copy of his latest book, Two Boys Kissing. I particularly love the way his writing¬†is both lyrical and prosaic, often in the same sentence. And I am considering signing up for Twitter, exclusively for his updates to The Lover’s Dictionary, as seen above. Just back from Chicago and our presentation at ALA Annual; we had a wonderful time AND a wonderful audience. Attended some great sessions, attended some less great sessions, explored the Windy City but mostly glad to be home. But, back to the author crush. Who’s yours and why? What book/chapter/phrase made the magic happen for you?


  1. Danni

    Oh, I have a serious author crush on Toby Barlow. His only book is called “Sharp Teeth”. I chose it from the bargain book section (where I now feel it should never be, because I LOVED it) based on it’s cover, which is how I choose a lot of books. I know, shame on me, but that’s how I usually do it. Anyway, I love it. I’m dying for him to write another book now…pleeeeease.

  2. CAL

    Kate Atkinson is my author crush. I can’t say why exactly but I’ve loved her ever since first picking up Case Histories and eagerly await each new novel. It helps that she’s British and writing literary detective novels. But she also writes some thoroughly enjoyable and uncategorizable stuff too. :-)

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