I don’t think any novelist should be concerned with literature. – Jacqueline Susann

ImageAnd therein lies the reasoning behind my selection for this month’s alt+library book club; I love Valley of the Dolls. I won’t read current “chick lit”. It is not to my taste. But vintage chick lit? Totally my jam. Jacqueline Susann, Anita Loos – I can eat those books up. Hence this month’s Guilty Pleasure book club.

‘What is your guilty  pleasure?’ I have no guilt. Whatever I do, I enjoy and it’s the point. I think  if you start to feel guilty about it, that’s a problem. So, no guilty pleasures.  I have pleasure and no guilt at all. – Eric  Ripert

ImageLori’s guilty pleasure? Harlequin romances. And sea-faring novels. A little brain shampoo never hurt, we can’t read Heidegger all the time. See you next week?


Also – Picnic in the RAW is happening 6/22. Check out meetup.com/altlibrary for more details.




  1. Michael Rockliff

    I’m currently reading Anita Loos and Helen Hayes’ TWICE OVER BRIGHTLY… not really vintage chick lit, but good. My wife and I were seated with them at a dinner, years ago, and quite fell in love. Jacqui Susann, I knew pretty well. She was a bit aggressive for my taste, but there you go… You can’t love them all.

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