Such a TEAS!

ImageThe perils of a “clever” name – I called our upcoming tea tasting program “Teas Me” thinking it would be cute and draw people in. What I hadn’t counted on was the aftermath. Every time someone RSVPs on (thank you!), I get an email saying “Soandso is going to Teas Me!” This has happened maybe 20 or times and I blush each time. Absurd. Ridiculous title aside, this program is going to be (I can’t stop it, I’m sorry) tea-rrific. We’ll talk about different types of teas, origins, alternative uses, how to brew the “perfect” cup, make a craft and more! If you are a tea freak or a tea novice, chances are high you will enjoy coming to Teas Me. (See? Makes you a little squirmy, right?).



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