Reading Resolutions

Last year’s resolution “if I buy a bag of salad–I eat a bag of salad” was moderately successful.  Only a few withered leaves fed the compost bin in 2012.  It helped that I started to grow lettuce instead.

This year I’m making some reading resolutions, including:

  • Read some non-fiction about Napoleon.  I’d like to know more about that guy (and his wars) from a perspective that doesn’t involve Sean Bean.
  • Read some poetry.  Try to appreciate it.
  • Read a tear-jerker.  I have vintage handkerchiefs I’ve never used.
  • Read some fan-fiction.  Yes, really.  Is fan-fiction even still a thing?  I haven’t read any since I was in love with Fox Mulder. 
  • Read the rest of A Clash of Kings so I can get to A Storm of Swords–I hit a wall with that book, but Game of Thrones will be back on eventually and I can’t handle any more gory surprises.
  • Read some award winners.  Librarians love to talk about award winners and I need chit-chat fodder. 

Do you have any reading resolutions you’d like to share? 

Oh, yeah, and Happy New Year’s! –Lori




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