Free Food–just add water!

Okay, so I really should have posted this one a few months ago—by now those of you who with a gardening bent are probably already up to your elbows in  tomatoes or zucchini (rarely both)–but did you know you can check out seeds from the Colonial Heights Library?!  These are free, wonderful, organic heirloom seeds with amazing variety—all housed in a delightful old-school card catalog.  You may be thinking—“checkout, sure, but how do you return seeds?”—easy, save a few from your bounty of vegetables and return them (labeled please) to the library.  They even have a great brochure telling you the best way to save seeds from various plants.

If you are new to gardening this is a great way to get started—you can even take a look at the library’s garden for ideas while you’re there. 

It is really never the wrong time to garden in Sacramento—reference this calendar to see what it is time to plant now.  And for after the harvest (both books available at the library, naturally):





I have tested this seed library out for myself—and I’m growing an insane monster of a cherry tomato.  Seriously, it is the Kraken of tomato plants–thank you Colonial Heights Library!


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