Look at old stuff–for free.

One of the great side-benefits of museums is, like libraries, they tend to be well air-conditioned—so, if you’re feeling the need for a dose of culture and learning in a climate controlled environment try visiting one of these free local museums:

The Museum of Medical History  is full of vicious looking medical equipment from days of yore that will make you grateful to be living in our age of relative medical wizardry


Admission: I’ve never actually been inside the Capitol building (although I love the arboretum and rose garden)—but evidently the whole thing pulls double duty as our seat of government and a free museum!  http://www.capitolmuseum.ca.gov/ 

On-site Task:  Many Governors sport facial hair in their official portraits (displayed throughout the building)—who has the most luxuriant beard?  My money’s on William Irwin (1875-1880).

   Think Old Sac is only good for salt water taffy?  Maybe these free museums with change your mind:   Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum and the Wells Fargo History Muesum.  If not–there’s still that taffy.  

And if you are, as Jessica says, a “child owner” consider reserving one of the Checkout Science Kits at the Sacramento Public Library–each kit comes with great science project instructions and a one-child admission to the Lawrence Hall of Science.  Also at the library: free children’s admission to the Crocker Art Museum is possible when checking out a Crocker Art Pack and passes to the Sacramento Children’s Museum are available at the Rancho Cordova Library on a first-come, first-served basis.

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