A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell. – George Bernard Shaw

Happy Holidaze by Adam Hughes

Many people adore the holidays – the family, the fun, the togetherness. Others of us loathe them – the pressure, the commercialization, the togetherness. So, how do you endure? We’re hosting Punk Yoga: Survive the Holidaze and Broke A$$ Holidays as oases for escape. Reading is also a fantastic way to steal a couple of hours for yourself. And I find that the filthier or more bizarre the book, the easier it is to smear on a smile and join the fa-la-la-ing or whatever else you’ve signed on for. Upon a recommendation, I just finished the extremely vivid Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis; it could make you gag or laugh aloud, either way. Or check out Fun Home, our alt+library book selection, for a family that is just as challenging as your own. Judicious applications of black metal or really noisy punk seems to help too. What works for you? Share in the comments. /jess


One comment

  1. Alex

    I have to say Punk Yoga: Survive the Holidaze was a real treat and I’m excited for Broke A$$ Holidays. Escaping the holiday craziness with style at my local library seems to be the way to go this year!

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