Metalocalypse is Nigh!

For those who have attended the previous alt+fitness events like Punk Rock Aerobics and Punk Rock Pilates, you may think you are ready for Hair-obics. This Wednesday, May 11th, will be a head-bangingly, blood-pumpingly, glam metal good time. Making serious evaluations like which Skid Row song to include (“Big Guns” based both on lyrics and the implication that you too can have what are colloquially known as “big guns” when you work out your biceps) or which Guns ‘N’ Roses song is short enough to fit comfortably into the playlist. But once the playlist was completed, it became completely impossible to listen to the whole thing without rocking out at least once or twice. And don’t even get me started on the Brutal Yoga playlist – bands like Satyricon, Nile, Emperor, and Vader make patrons peer curiously into the office to see what on earth is going on in there. I think I will have to go home and watch some Metalocalypse to get the thrumming double-bass out of my head . . .

Sign up here. And get ready to ROCK.

– Jess

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