3d printer in box

A surprise?! Yes, indeed. I can’t say much about the photo above (at least not just yet *wink*), but I will leak the fact that our lovely Arcade library will soon add the following items to our Library of Things…thanks for your votes!

● Drawing tablets (think Wacom)
● Digital projectors (think VGA/HDMI)
● Button makers (think punk rock)
● Fabric screening kits (think t-shirts)


Old School Crayola

image of coloring books and supplies for adults

crayons and coloring book pages

My cubicle smells like crayons! Haha. This Sunday we’ll be coloring in the cool mid-morning shade of redwood trees across from Cesar Chavez Park. Okay, I’m not completely sure if they’re redwood trees but we can always pretend. I’ve got the good crayon sets, clipboards, and plenty of coloring sheet designs featuring Arabic floral patterns, mosaic tiles, mandalas and more.


Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em

early 90s rap cassette tapes

early 90s rap cassette tapes

Yes, I’m referring to that sweet MC Hammer cassette (top left). Make weird loops out of cassette tapes next Tuesday. This is just a small sample of what I have at my desk. And, if you just don’t have the heart to ‘destroy to create’ a Too $hort or Diana Ross tape, stop by and give them a new home. Um, hammertime?


Fix Your Car

Why pay some fool a boatload of cash when you can DIY? The Sacramento Public Library subscribes to not one, but two auto repair databases. You can even access one of them from home. I like Chilton’s for looking up recalls and labor estimating. Mitchell’s is great when looking up common vehicle symptoms as well as commonly replaced components.

Truuuust me. My car is from 1997.



Book VS Movie


Book VS Movie! Yep, read the book then watch the movie. That’s the only rule. You gotta read the book first. Show up and we’ll discuss both. First up is The Tommyknockers by Stephen King.

Pick up a copy of the book here.
Watch the move:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 6:30 PM-7:30 PM.
Central Library – 828 I Street