Microwave Cakes, Vintage Eyebrows, and Pickling For Picnics

microwave cakes book

vintage hairstyles book

picnic book

Here’s a quick post since my books are DUE! Time is sneaky I tell ya’.

First up is Mug Cakes. Make cake in your microwave. Genius.
Vegan Apricot and Almond Cake. Page 39.
Salted Fudge and Golden Raisin Pudding. Page 59.

Second up is Vintage Hairstyles. I’m not big on vintage hair but the chapters on eyebrows/nails/makeup are legit. Page 104.

Third is The Picnic. Learn to pickle stuff the easy way on page 60.
Ooooo, this looks good too: Kale, Sweet Potato, and Goat Cheese Hand Pies. Page 105.


Winter Driving

Hot Wheels car

Time to double check those tires and wiper blades.
What did you say?! Why yes! That is a 96 Nissan 180SX Type X on top of a bunch of MAKE magazines.

Car trouble? Grab your library card and access our Chilton Auto Repair database from home.
How safe is your car? Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Buying a used car? I like to take a casual look at Car Complaints before conducting more thorough research.


I Wasn’t Expecting…

book cover for eat more better

…this book to be so rad.

Pg. 52 – Is it a Milkshake? The diagram on this page cracks me up.
Pg. 78 – Load Bearing Sandwich Construction
Pg. 134 – Improving Your In-Flight Meal:

“Never order fish. Fish lives below sea level. You’re five miles above ground. Fish are meant to move horizontally…”

Pg. 179 – Vending Machine Decision Tree
Pg. 149 – Desert Cereal Combos:

“Count Chocula or Chocolate Lucky Charms + Golden Grahams = S’mores”

Dan Pashman, sir, good job.


Search Google Like A Wizard Librarian

google screenshot

Avoid Wikipedia hoaxes and more with the good ol’ site limiter command.

Example 1:
global warming site:.edu
–this only searches sites that end with .edu

Example 2:
2010 manual 3 filetype:pdf site:.mazdausa.com
–find a PDF real quick with ‘filetype: ‘

Example 3:
passport checklist site:.saclibrary.org
–only search saclibrary.org